5 Steps To Overcome Fear and Self Doubt

The greatest enemy to success and bringing out your gift is FEAR and SELF DOUBT. We often fail to achieve our goals and live our dreams because of fear. We ask ourselves the questions of fear: Will I be able to do it? What will people think of me? Will I be accepted by anyone? What if am not good as I think I am? What if it fails? Here are some steps to guide you when doubt and fear cloud your mind:


Step 1: Acknowledge the fear and self-doubt. Don't minimize it, don't call it something is isn't (such as "nervousness", "apprehension", or "being somewhat anxious"). Just admit that you feel afraid or scared.


Step 2: Quantify the fear and self-doubt. On a scale of one to ten, how much fear and self-doubt are you experiencing? Once you've established a level of fear, you've acknowledged just how grave you perceive the situation to be.


Step 3: Imagine the worst-case scenario. What's the most horrible thing that could happen? It's important to admit to yourself, and ideally to another person, the story your mind has made up about the situation. Usually the worst-case scenario is: "I'll end up feeling humiliated and I won't be able to survive, either emotionally or physically."


Step 4: Gather information and support, confront the perception, and dissipate the fear. Collect all the facts and assistance you can in regard to coping with your worst-case scenario so that it doesn't occur. Once the information and support are there, you can confront your perception. By addressing the physical situation, not only do you survive, but you're generally able to walk through the perceived difficulty. At that point, the fear automatically dissipates, you find that you're not defective, and your self-doubt disappears.


Step 5: Celebrate! You've arrived in present-moment time. When you walk through your fear and self-doubt, you always end up in a place of joy. Celebrate that you have the opportunity to achieve your goals and dreams. By doing this, you are affirming that you are victorious.

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