Adib Ayay, putting Agriculture and Business together

Having grown up between the olive fields in a small town in Morocco, Adib has a passion for agriculture and business. At 17, he founded Fair Farming, a student-run organisation that seeks to help farmers boost their revenue using mobile technology. This project has enabled 300 hundred farmers to benefit from higher incomes and better provide for their families.


His team is working on a new project called TelFarm, which will have a larger impact and benefit millions of farmers across the world. Aimed at small-scale farmers who lack financial services and extensive agriculture information, TelFarm is a suite of mobile-based SMS and voice tools that will allow farmers to significantly increase their income through access to transparent market prices, best farming practices, mobile payments and and micro-insurance.


At the age of five, Adib Ayay moved with his father from the small town of Midelt to Meknes, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. His mother and sister had to wait another year before joining them. Adib’s father managed the situation wisely; he took him to an association hosting street children called Bayti. Seeing how difficult their lives were, Adib realized how lucky and fortunate he was. He started being more independent and enjoyed his life more, but didn’t know that 11 years later he would return to that association with a different personality and a whole new vision.


When Adib Ayay went to high school, he created a club called Let’s Green It. They organized an awareness campaign that they labeled “say hello to earth” with a partnership with a local association called Amali. Adib’s leadership career has grown by encompassing diverse roles: he taught mathematics to a class of 15 students in the Amali association. He went back to Bayti association where he now helps children get through tough lives and fight against great odds.


Adib Ayay believes indeed that each one of us has a fascinating story that deserves to be shared. His isn’t the most impressive, but it is the key to the person he is today.


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