Berita Gugulethu Khumalo, Afro pop songstress

Berita's story is a clear-cut example of a gifted young person who pursued both her dream and career, making the right decisions at the precise moment. At just 22, her echoes have been heard across the African continent and perhaps soon the world over.


Berita Gugulethu Khumalo, rebelled against her parents after they advised her not to pursue music as a career. She is the first among five children, as a child she was (and still is) very loving. Her heart is very accommodative and she often bared a unifying character whenever her siblings were involved in scuffles or misunderstandings.


After Berita completed her O-level their family migrated to New Zealand where she completed her A-level. She never had any interest in music until she learnt how to play the piano. It was only after she learnt how to play the guitar that she discovered her passion.


She became so much obsessed with the guitar that she indicated that she wanted to be a musician and the parents discouraged her. The parents are of the old school of thought that education comes first. So they discouraged her and advised her to get a proper profession and that what she wanted to venture into was just a waste of time. But she disagreed with her parents and brought out the gift housed within her.


Berita collaborated with Mtukudzi and Masekela on a new version of Penka Udzoke, a song featured on her debut album.

“I hope people will be empowered in their hearts, minds and soul when they listen to the songs. After spending time and engaging with Bra Hugh and Mtukudzi, I learnt that when they produce music, they only have people in mind.”

“There are songs like Lindokuhle and Ibuyile Inkululeko, which are about empowering and encouraging people to stand up and do things for themselves. To stop complaining,” Berita said.



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