Cursed By Your Own Words

Do not under estimate the power of the tongue and what it produces. Many have changed their lives because of wishing themselves a better life and some have destroyed their lives by taking away the last bit of hope that they had. The happiest people have remained positive through tough situations they have gone through by consistently saying out positive things. The saddest people have continued to ruin their lives by continuously cursing themselves.


You might think that you have never cursed yourself in your entire lifetime, but you will be surprised to know that every negative thing you said about a situation has come back as a curse in your life. Here are some examples. Have you ever been approached by a vendor asking you to buy bananas they are selling and you respond by saying, "I do not have money"?. Then you have cursed yourself not to have enough money to buy bananas in the future. Have you ever been asked how your job is and all you say is, "Things are tough and everything is just not going well"?. When you answered that question, you thought you were just saying anything so that you get rid of that question but what you do not know is that you are cursing your future. How do you end up cursing your future? Whenever you say anything, your word binds your future and will become reality in due time.


I would rather stay positive and determined to enjoy a brighter future than to look at my present moment, be discouraged and say hopeless words.  When you are blessed, a word is spoken to bind your future with prosperity and the good thing about it is that you will always believe in this blessing until it comes to pass. Even if you choose not to believe in it, you will find that some good things will happen to you at a most undeserving moment. It is because of the blessing said upon your life and there will always be something that happens to remind you of that day when you were blessed.


If a person asks you to buy something you do not want to buy, tell them you do not want to buy it and DO NOT say, "I do not have money". If you are asked how your day is, even if it's not going so well, remain positive. Say, "My day is brilliant and everything is going in my favour". By so doing, you will change those things which would have earlier ruined your day and everything will turn into your favour. I encourage us all, to say positive things to one another, words of encouragement and not words which destroy because your words can be blessings or curses.

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