Gift of Leadership. Are You A Gifted Leader?

A gifted leader is one who is able to diligently serve the people he is leading by considering them first before himself/herself. An effective leader is one who leads from behind and makes the others believe that they are in front. An incapable leader is one whose achievements on leading cannot be traced. The achievement of a leader is measured by the success of the people he/she is leading.


Leadership is not a simple task that can be given to an undeserving person. An undeserving person is a person who is not wise enough to learn about how to achieve leadership skills. Wisdom is the weapon of a gifted leader, selflessness is their pride and an obedient following is their prize. When you have more people obeying what you say, not because you evoked fear in them but they have deemed it necessary within themselves to follow your word, then you should know that you have embraced the gift of leadership.


Poor leadership is constituted by selfishness and greediness.  So many groups, nations, sects, etc, have collapsed because of poor leadership. The following was led by a leader who only thought of himself and probably his very own family excluding the people he/she was leading. Such leaders believe that once their own goals and desires are fulfilled then everyone else should help them celebrate their individual success instead of a corporate success.


Some leaders are born with leadership qualities which are greatly visible within the people they are leading. They are able to keep looking at the positive side and inspiring their following when things are facing a downside. They always say words of encouragement and comment positively on each individuals efforts despite the magnitude of the effort. And when the long awaited success comes, they do not benefit alone but they make sure that every individual of their following has benefited.


We struggle as a group, nation, continent because we have leaders who are able to fight for the people's desires but when the reward comes, they make sure that they get the largest share and make the people to scramble on the little that remains. Is this leadership???? Certainly not. You might be able to talk and convince people to follow your ideas but when your ideas are successful and the people who followed you remain struggling.....indeed you do not have the gift of leadership.


The gift of leadership is not seen by the amount of money that the leader has neither is it seen by the magnitude of the following BUT is it seen by the success of the people who are following you. When you are a leader, you serve the people you are leading and they obey your commands because they trust you that you will lead them into acquiring their desires. Do not just be a leader because people gave you that position and you focus on yourself, be a gifted leader who leads others into success and in turn, you will be successful too.

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