How To Identify Your Gift/Talent

Many of times we see people who are gifted or talented in a particular area and notice that they do not even realise that they are gifted. For example, you might watch a movie with your friends and after the movie, there is usually that one guy who knows every characters' name and quotes some of the characters' quotes word for word without writing it down. If you ask to be told about the movie by the same guy, you will visualise everything and it will be as good as watching it. In as much as this is entertainment but you can spot talent right there. Easily memorizing things and saying it out in a captivating way. Unfortunately, no one is there to spot the talent.


For one to realise his or her own gift/talent, you should ask yourself a few questions:

1. What am I good at?

2. What do people say am good at?

3. What are the things that I do easily without putting much effort?


After asking these questions, you need to take time to answer them by taking time to analyze yourself and to approach the right people who also have a desire to see positive things happening in your life. Associating yourself with the right company helps in determining how you will expose your gift and develop it in the rightful manner.


By now you are probably thinking of someone who is gifted and has not realised his gift yet BUT this does not mean that some people are gifted and some people are not. I quote the words of Wolfgang Riebe, "Everyone is gifted but some people never open their package". The only difference about gifts is that they are found in different areas. Everyone you can think of is gifted in a certain area and you need to help them identify the specific area that they are gifted in and develop their gift.


There is no reason what so ever for not taking charge of your own future because you have been given a gift to use to make others benefit and for you to earn a living from it. You are gifted so that you can help the next person who is in need of your gift. It is a waste of time to be blaming anyone (be it your parents, friends, teachers or even the government) for your life not going in a specific direction when you have never exposed that gift that is within you. Identify your gift/talent and make it bring a good name and a better life for you.

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