Kenneth Solomon Chess Grandmaster

Kenny Solomon is a 35 year old (Born 08-10-1979) South African Chess International Master, and Grandmaster. He started playing chess in Mitchell's Plain when he was 13 years old and in 2014 he became South Africa’s first ever chess Grandmaster. He managed to develop his gift from the tender age of seven when he started learning how to play chess. At the age of 12 he began studying on how to improve his skills in chess. He started playing his first tournament at the age of 13 and today he has earned the title GRANDMASTER.


When Kenny Solomon identified his gift/talent, he did not lay back and relax to let people praise him that he is a smart kid who can beat people at chess. Instead, he worked very hard to develop his talent and become a top achiever. This is how he describes how he perfected his gift:


“I was very dedicated since I started my first chess tournament. I put in a lot of effort. For example, I would analyze each and every game that I played in every tournament.”


Hard work, determination and consistency are values which need to be applied by any person who wishes to be a top achiever in their identified gift. Kenneth Solomon was determined to be a top achiever at what he is good at. Even though he had to realize this more than 10 years later after identifying his talent, he kept on going.


When asked about the important aspects of developing his talent in chess, Kenneth Solomon said, “I think the development of my character played an important role. I continued to work on chess over the years until 2008 even when there were few opportunities. It was important not to give up, to be patient, to bide my time, to learn from defeats and recover quickly. What was lacking was experience! Then in 2009 SABT, a fuel company, sponsored me and with 100% support I could get the international exposure and play regularly in tournaments and face grandmasters consistently. This experience was necessary. Then in Istanbul came the breakthrough where I achieved the double grandmaster norm.”


NEVER GIVE UP!!!! BE PATIENT!!!!! Everything is beautiful in its rightful season. Let us learn from Kenny Solomon to develop on our own gifted talents.

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