Let Not The Education System Take Away Your Gift

Born in to a world with pre-set systems, everyone is forced to conform to these systems. As you grow, you are engulfed in the education system and told that you are supposed to excel in all your subjects, which include mathematics. This condition is fed into your mind without any exception of thinking outside the box. If you do not excel, you are labelled to be dumb or some would prefer calling you daft.


Now this is the point where societies with this kind of mentality get it all wrong. A child should be groomed knowing that the education system is there to stand as a guide to identifying your gift/talent. A gift is something that you are born being exceptionally good at. Usually, you realise your gift when you are within social circles. Be it at school, church, tournaments, concerts, where ever you are; your gift is exposed more and more and many of times we choose to ignore or gift. Why do we ignore our gift? It is because the society that we live in has crowned the education system to be the only judge of who is gifted and who is not. Meaning that, some people live to believe that they are not gifted in anything because they were never top in their class.


Brothers and sisters, I say to you today, do not let the education system take away your gift. Just because you did not pass any subject at school does not mean that you are not gifted in anything and just because you passed in a couple or every subject does not mean that you have identified your gift. For example, you might have passed enough to study engineering and yet you know that deep down you enjoy photography. It might sound like you are a fool to leave engineering and focus on photography but know this, you excel better in an area you have passion for. "Imagine if Michael Jackson was forced to be a boxer and Mohammed Ali forced to be a singer??? It would have been a disaster." #quoted


Take a stance, be bold and aggressive in focusing your energy on the things that you are good at and enjoy doing. Do not look at what people are earning today and you are drawn by today's salaries. Time is not stagnant neither are salaries. Today's professions might be eroded by time and change in the business environment due to so many factors including technology. Meaning that, if you benchmark yourself with what today's accountants are earning and you decide to be an accountant, by the time you are fully qualified to be one, that job might be replaced by a computer software. If you focus on what you are good at, you will develop yourself as time evolves because you have a natural passion towards what you are good at.

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