Purpose in Life - Shine Your Gift

Many of us have often wondered why we are on this earth, why we are alive each and every day of our lives after all the bad and good things that we do. Books have been written and many motivational speakers have tried to come up with an answer to this question: “What is my purpose in life?”. The answer is simple and your creator knows this too. You were created for a particular purpose and not really to be the same with anyone else. However, men have taken it upon themselves to write a template of how one should live and how one should behave and covered it with philosophies.


You hear parents telling their children that when you grow up you should be a doctor or a lawyer because it is in our bloodline that we only have doctors and lawyers in our family. So what then happens is that you see the child trying to grow up to be what they were told to be. They use so much effort and most times fail to achieve their parents’ dreams. If they do achieve, you will find that most of them say I do this because of my parents. The question that remains is, “So what is it that we are supposed to do with our lives?”. 


When God created us, he created each one of us with a specific gift. This gift is something that we do naturally with less effort. You can identify it by taking time to learn more about yourself and some of your habits. There is always that one thing that you do naturally without any assistance and you do it perfectly. It might be poetry/song writing, cooking new dishes, quick to think of brilliant ideas, making people laugh, uplifting people who are feeling low, making new friends, leading people, the list is endless.


Everyone has that special gift and you need to make your gift shine. When you shine your gift, you are actually helping out someone else. We were created with different gifts so that we form one body. Therefore, take time to identify what you are really good at doing and put more time at doing it. Build a career for yourself by following what you are gifted to do. Do not be discouraged by people telling you that what you are doing does not pay off a handsome paycheck because the richest companies were founded on unique ideas. Shine your gift, for it is your purpose in life.

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