Reaching Your Potential by Developing Your Gift

“I now know what I am good at and my friends and colleagues have confirmed it, but I am totally confused about what I should do next. I am employed as an accountant but I am good at drawing portraits and sketches of various things. Should I then leave my job and start drawing things?? Am so confused!”  


Good question right there. Many people are caught up in such dilemmas and as a result they tend to neglect their gift or even quit their job then realize that they have made the biggest mistakes of their lives. By realizing what you are good at, it shows that there is an area that you have potential of becoming great in, possibly more than what you are current doing. What you are currently doing also proves that you are gifted in that area especially when you are doing your job well. The answer to this question is that you do not have to leave your current job so that you focus on developing your gift.


Achieving a professional career whilst you are good at something else only means that you have developed a talent/gift in your profession. Identifying that you are gifted in another area despite the one you are currently focusing on means that you are multi-gifted. Letting go off one gift is not a guarantee that you will be a top achiever in the gift that you recently developed. This is because every gift goes through a development cycle for you to reach your greatest potential.


Education has been set as a baseline for people to identify and develop different areas in which they are gifted in. Most education systems will teach children various subjects when they are young and as they grow, they start narrowing their areas of interest because they would have identified the areas they are gifted in. Some become football players, builders, engineers, teachers, nurses, the list is endless. BUT they do not become top achievers if they do not develop they gifts.


As time progresses, so should you progress with perfecting your gift or gifts. From the accountant’s dilemma, we discovered that a person can be multi-gifted. Which means that you have the ability to develop all of your identified gifts. Some of the ways that can help you develop your gift are:


  1. Associate yourself with people who seem to have more expertise in the area of your gift.
  2. Research on how other people who are gifted in the same area as your gift have managed to reach their greatest potential.
  3. Do not be afraid to do anything that you think can improve your gift.
  4. Allow yourself plenty of time for thinking and daydreaming.   

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