The Goddess of Opportunity, Difference Between Rich and Poor

Action will lead you forward to the success that you desire, never procrastinate. The goddess of opportunity does not respect any man who procrastinates. It is either you do it or you do not. This is the difference between the rich and the poor. The rich and poor can both be gifted in the same area of expertise but what differentiates them is; who made use of the opportunity that came before them. A delay in action can cost you a fortune.


“The race does not belong to the fast nor food to the intelligent but it is a matter of time and opportunity.” You might be gifted in a certain area for example, when you were at school, you were the most brilliant student in every class that you were in but somehow after school, you are one of the poorest of the people you learnt with. The common reason for this is because you never got an opportunity that exposed your gift so that you could earn more or you never acted when that opportunity came. Many of times we change our destiny by not grabbing on to the opportunities that come our way. We look at the opportunity and we think that somehow time is going to repeat itself and by then we will be willing to take action. But sadly, those opportunities never come again.


We need to be able to identify opportunities as they come and also to be able to act on them. Look at the people around you and ask the successful ones how they got to be where they are. Yes they might tell you all sorts of things like, hard work, discipline, knowledge, and so forth but the fundamental of all these characteristics of success is OPPORTUNITY.


A story is told of a man who was in the business of buying and selling animals. He went on a journey to go and find animals to buy but came back without being successful. Upon arriving back home, a man approached him on the night and was desperate to sell his cows to him because he had to rush back to his country. He was asked how many cows he had and he said 400. The desperate man was selling these cows at a giveaway price. BUT, the business man was not willing to buy these cows before verifying the number. He could not verify at this point in time because it was dark. So he waited until the following morning. Early in the morning the following day, a lot of buyers came looking for cows and when they found this desperate man selling cows they immediately offered a higher price to him and he took their offer. Now, this businessman lost because he procrastinated on opportunity. (Summarized from The Richest Man In Babylon)


Do not waste time priding yourself that you are gifted in a certain area without looking for opportunities of how to become a better person. Seek for opportunity and when you find her, grab her tightly and take action because the goddess of opportunity does not respect a man who procrastinates. However, opportunity respects a gifted individual who is willing to act.

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