When The Pain Is Too Much and You Feel Like Giving Up

Success has never been an easy battle for those who are determined to achieve their goals. When you start working on your task at hand, you will be feeling very energetic and very optimistic that you will reach the end successfully. Somehow when you are in the middle of your task, you discover that it is taking more time than you anticipated and things seem to be getting worse instead of getting better and you begin to feel like giving up.


Many of times when you feel like giving up it is because your expectations will be denied and you will be losing hope or the process has all of a sudden become tiring. Sometimes, it is caused by people who continuously discourage you into accomplishing your goals. A wise man once said, "The greater the problem you are trying to solve, the greater the opposition you will face."


Dealing with problems as you work hard to achieve your goal is a painful thing when those problems seem not to get solved. You begin to feel as though you are wasting your time and you start to affirm negative thoughts that whatever you are doing will not work. At such a point, that is when you should know that you are very close to accomplishing your goal.


When Christ was on his way to Calvary, his mission became tougher and tougher. He bled more than what he had ever done during his lifetime and he faced the worst cruelty ever. When the 30 lashes were piercing his flesh, exposing his bones and no one defending him from such brutality, he did not give up. He was teaching us an important lesson in life, that when your goal is about to be accomplished, things can get worse more than what you have ever experienced.


Unfortunately, the ignorant quickly give in to the pain and they give up on their goals, life, family, friends, jobs, etc. You should never give up on doing something that you believe in. It doesn't matter if you are the only one who believes in it, as long as you know that there is more truth in what you are doing than what people think or say. The great invertors of the world were thought to be crazy people but that did not stop them. While others slept, they toiled through the night working hard on the things that they believed in and today we talk of them as the people who changed the world.


Do not give up even if you fail a thousand times, you can still get up and start over again because you are now a thousand times wiser.

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